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With the exception of off-the-shelf training, most of our services are tailored in some way – this is because every business is unique.  Some industries and sectors will experience challenges that others do not.  The product range, supply chain, business size and in-house expertise will all influence the type of support you need.

For this reason, we always offer a free consultation.  We use this to identify any specific areas of concern and more generally explore your business needs in terms of customs and international trade.  We may be able to answer some common questions on the spot and will provide a quote for more detailed work.

Some typical services are outlined below:


GAP analysis

Sometimes the law requires you to know things you know nothing about – like import regulations.  When that happens its difficult to know where to start.

We can conduct a review to identify gaps between your current customs management processes and the regulatory requirements.

Our report includes suggested areas of focus, and importantly, we deliver our findings in plain English.


Remote manager

Our Remote Customs Manager service provides advice, structure and guidance for your operational team at a fraction of the cost of a quality, full-time expert on staff.

Our customs specialist knowledge can be yours to utilise for either a short term labour intensive project or longer term in a remote supervisory or support role.



We have a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke courses available.  

Off-the-shelf courses cover topics such as customs classification, valuation, origin determination, reliefs from customs duties, and Incoterms.

Bespoke courses are ideal when you want an employee up to speed as fast as possible and tailored to the challenges facing your sector.

brexit-2174364_1920 (4)


Identify the possible challenges associated with Brexit and quantify the potential duties and taxes for your business.

From there, you’ll be able to develop a plan to prepare for Brexit and critical path analysis to show key decision points – essentially working out how long you can afford to wait before taking action.



Occasionally everyone needs a little advice.

Speaking to an expert can save you research time and give you assurance that you have the right answer.

We can help with both the common and the more unusual challenges.


Next Steps…

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your business and your customs needs.  There is no question too silly and no obligation to purchase any of our services.  Please contact us to set up a call.

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