Bills to be introduced in preparation for Brexit

What happened?

The Queen’s speech outlines a government’s policies and proposed legislation for the new parliamentary session.  In 2017, the speech contained mention of the following bills which are all designed to shape the UK’s dep[arture from the EU

What are the key bills?

Repeal Bill – To convert EU legislation into UK Law.  Government information about the repeal bill can be found here

Customs Bill – To create a standalone customs regime on exiting the EU and enable the UK to enter into trade agreements.

Trade Bill – The legal framework for an independent trade policy.

Immigration Bill – To allow control over the number of incoming migrants.

Fisheries Bill – To control access to British waters and set quotas.

Agriculture Bill – To create a framework for farmers and the environment.

Nuclear safeguards bill – To take on the responsibilities to meet international rules.

International sanctions bill – To take on responsibilities for UN compliance and return other decision-making powers to the UK.

Where can I find more information?

You can read our summary of Brexit by following this link

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