Our Story

Alison Zaremba founded Zentrade in 2017.  She knew that some businesses need the equivalent of senior, in-house customs expertise, but not necessarily on a full time, permanent basis.

With Brexit in the horizon, there is greater demand than ever for a small niche of people who understand international trade.  Alison wanted to help businesses to access this knowledge and pass it onto their staff through training and practical support.

Alison likes to build long term relationships with a small number of selected clients.  Meanwhile, she is always happy to have a conversation with any business that has a international trade related challenge.

Our Approach

Zentrade was founded to provide practical, hands-on support to businesses that import or export, or supply to those that do.  We understand customs regulations as well as commercial realities, and we can support you to marry the two.

Alison Zaremba

Founder & Managing Director

Alison started her career in manufacturing and supply chain in 2001. She worked in a number of roles across logistics, warehousing and manufacturing operations before side-stepping into customs as a speciality in 2006.  She quickly become the European Customs Manager for an automotive parts manufacturer and moved into professional services in 2009 where she advised business on customs regulatory requirements for the next eight years.  In 2017, she left her Associate Director level role at Deloitte to start Zentrade.

She now provides advice to businesses on customs regulatory requirements, including classification, valuation, origin and reliefs from customs duties.  She sits on the council of the Customs Practitioners’ Group (CPG).

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