What do we do?

Basically, we help people move goods through borders – the legal way obviously.

Businesses need this support in order to:

  • keep costs as low as possible
  • prevent supply chain disruption, (goods stuck at borders).
  • reduce risks of non-compliance – which could lead to reputational damage, penalties and demands for underpaid duties.
  • support the Senior Accounting Officer to have confidence in this niche area
  • enter new markets
  • prepare and adapt for a changing landscape (such as Brexit)
  • build cost effective supply chains

Many businesses believe that all of the above is being taken care of by their freight provider, but this is rarely true (especially if you are not paying for an enhanced service).  Some businesses may suspect that customs is something they need to understand better, but don’t know where to start.  Others are more confident, but could still benefit from someone to bounce ideas off, or to step in with hands on support to cope with workload peaks.

We are experts in this niche field.  We have many years of experience of managing customs proactively, and also resolving issues as they arise.

Our specialists can be available to resolve immediate or one-off issues.  We also work with clients in the medium to longer term by introducing robust processes, controls and technology solutions, delivering training and/or operational checks and balances.

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